Sunday, August 30, 2015

SHF.2015.08.30.4 Abstract Update

The deadline for abstracts closed this past Tuesday and as expected, procrastination was alive and well! In the couple of days leading up to the deadline, I received the same amount of abstracts that I had received in the almost three months leading up to the deadline! Given that most people are making the most of summer, I was blown away by the overwhelming response to my call for abstracts.

The abstracts were diverse in their frameworks and the movies they represented. I was pleased by the variety, however it has made my review challenging. Because I can only accept a certain number, around 15, I had to cut pitches that I would have liked to keep. I easily could have put a second book together.

I’ll be finishing my deliberations tonight and tomorrow I will be making some people happy and some others disappointed. It’s the worst part of the editing process because I wish I could give everyone a slot. That said, my nebulous idea is now developing a structure that in my humble opinion will result in a cohesive group of essays that explore and analyze the genre, giving space horror a tread within the scholastic dialogue of science fiction and horror.

More updates to follow in the coming months. In the meantime, I’ll be posting articles (weekly is my plan) and I hope to post articles by guest writers too!  

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